Warbler’s CTC Tea


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To make a cup of this magical tea…
⦁ Warm up the teapot with boiling water (1000C).
⦁ Add 1 teaspoon of Warbler’s tea for every cup of tea.
⦁ Let the tea brew for 1 minute for a subtle brew and up to 3 minutes for a strong brew.
⦁ Pour it into the teacups using a strainer!
⦁ Add sugar and other condiments based on your preferences.
⦁ (optional) Add one-fourth of milk to a cup.

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Warbler is pleased to introduce the latest addition to Warbler Green, an exquisite blend of CTC tea, impeccably balanced with rich taste, aroma, and appearance. Experience the magic of Assam’s premium tea in every sip.

Warbler’s CTC tea is a little miracle perfected by our distinguished tea masters to achieve its unique taste, delightful aroma and striking amber appearance. Our tea masters have processed the choicest selection of tea leaves with high-precision techniques and come up with a unique blend. Our Crush, tear and curl processes are managed with special care and precautions to ensure consistency and quality on a large scale. In addition to having a refreshing flavour, our tea is rich in antioxidants and offers numerous health benefits

Stand-Up Zipper Pouch – The heat-sealed zipper pouch has an easy-to-tear opening and a strong zipper. Its sturdy bottom gusset and aluminium barrier protect the tea against moisture and external odours. The handy resealable pouch helps keep the tea fresh and retain its special scent and taste for a long time

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